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SGP 011: It’s Only Logical

August 30, 2017

Today we’re talking about a vitally important life skill: critical thinking and some practical ways you can analyze issues in our information saturated modern world. Simply put, is the ability to think rationally about the logical connection between ideas. It allows us to determine if something is true and then how we act based on that determination.

Questions we should ask about issues as members of this community:

  1. Will it affect me/us? – resistance gives power to the resisted (especially if it had no power to begin with)
  2. Does it increase or decrease the power of one person/group to control another person/group?
  3. Is it constitutional? – does it meet the requirements of founding agreement/principles/terms? If not, who gave consent to change it?
  4. Does it make people who agree on 95% of issues fight amongst themselves? (if so, it probably fails on at least one of the previous questions)
  5. What’s it going to cost? What is the ROI? – not just currency, but all resources
  6. Who’s going to pay for it and who benefits? – follow the money
  7. Is my personal bias/preference influencing my judgment?
  8. What is the result? What will happen? What are the consequences?
  9. What happens if we don’t do anything? Is the status quo preferable? – may make more sense to change thinking than to actually DO something
  10. Does it set up greater future intrusion by the authority involved?
  11. Do I really NEED to stand on it at all?

If we all did this we would know exactly what we believe and why we believe it.

Time to put your thinking caps on! ^i^

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