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SGP 010: Storin’ Ain’t Hoardin’

August 23, 2017

Food storage is a fundamental aspect of preparedness and self-reliance. Today it is hyped, mocked, and misunderstood; but until 30-40 years ago, food storage was commonplace–most families had a cellar or basement stocked with canned and preserved foods that were put back for leaner times.

There’s a difference between storing and hoarding. The media promotes government as the answer to emergency relief, but I encourage you to be your own solution through preparation.

Food storage doesn’t need to be costly and impractical. If you follow the suggestions in today’s show, food storage will become a comfortable way of life bestowing the gifts of savings, convenience, and security.

A simple 60 to 90 day supply of food in your home can help your family deal with everyday happenings and even most disasters they hope to never experience. ^i^

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