• blurry figure with gun
    Welcome To The Sleeping Giant Podcast!
    November 16, 2017
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    Wouldn't it be nice if we all could just respect each other's space and stuff? Today, I'm introducing you to a little something known as the Non-Aggression Principle or NAP. ^i^

  • winter car breakdown
    Welcome To The Sleeping Giant Podcast!
    79 min 13 sec
    November 02, 2017
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    Winter is coming and if you drive, it's time to get your prepare your vehicle accordingly. Today, we discuss what you should consider when winterizing your car or truck and what you should include inĀ  your vehicles' emergency kits. Drive safe everybody! ^i^

  • gold and silver hoard
    Welcome To The Sleeping Giant Podcast!
    62 min 16 sec
    October 25, 2017
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    Gold and silver have been used as money for more than 2,000 years. Today, we're taking a look at why gold and silver are still money and why you should get your hands on some metals for your financial security while they're still a bargain ... and before it's too late. ^i^

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Angus is the creator of the iShrugged community and its voice here at the Sleeping Giant Podcast. He’s a lifetime Alaskan and unemployable entrepreneur.

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