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    Welcome To The Sleeping Giant Podcast!
    70 min 50 sec
    October 11, 2017
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    Do you think that learning sales skills is only for professional salespeople? Think again. In this episode we're going to simplify and humanize the sales process and show you why it's a critical life skill that everyone should learn. ^i^

  • kneeling with football
    Welcome To The Sleeping Giant Podcast!
    76 min 6 sec
    October 06, 2017
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    So, what do I really think about the NFL National Anthem protests? Let's just say this may be the last episode of The Sleeping Giant Podcast you ever listen to. ^i^

  • Every day carry EDC layout
    Welcome To The Sleeping Giant Podcast!
    74 min 39 sec
    September 27, 2017
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    You're already doing it, but you may not even realize it. Maybe it's time you put some thought into what you carry with you everyday and why. Join me as I discuss the philosophy of EDC and some examples of how it could be relevant to you. ^i^

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Angus John Pratt

Host / Chief Enlightenment Officer

Angus is the creator of the iShrugged community and its voice here at the Sleeping Giant Podcast. He’s a lifetime Alaskan and unemployable entrepreneur.

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